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We Come To You !!!

"Don't have a boat trailer, don't worry about that. We will come to your boat's location".

This is why we call it custom canvas. It is because we come to your boat and use your boat as the pattern. Each boat is similar yet different. By using your boat as a pattern, it fits perfectly. First off, we sew-up a large blanket of canvas and drape it over the boat. center it, then clamp in into place. Just as the pictures show. From there, I walk around the boat with chalk and scissors marking for pleats, darts and tucks in order to get just the right fit. During this marking process, potential areas on your boat that could pre-maturely wear a hole in the canvas are recognized and marked for re-enforcements. These re-enforcements are typically 3 layers of canvas sewn much like a patch to the underside of the boat cover so all the chaffing is done to the patches as opposed to the boat cover. From there it goes to the sewing table where these marks are then sewn-up. A hem is also sewn to the boat cover that encases a nylon rope which exists out the back in order to cinch the boat cover up tight to the hull. There are also allowances about every 4 feet to secure the boat cover to your trailer via bungee cords.


(Here are a few photo's of our process. Click on the image to enlarge)


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